What makes an Appraiser Independent?

There are many definitions of "independence" in relation to jewelry appraisal. The AIJV takes the purest line in this matter. The characteristics that define a truly independent Appraiser are:

  • Appraisal fees are not based on the value of your articles.
  • The Appraiser only appraises and values your jewelry, gemstones, diamonds and watches, they do not buy, sell or broker these items.
  • Our members do not accept referral commissions from jewelers, insurance companies or any other agencies.
  • They are not owned by a Jeweler, Insurance Company or any other industry related agency.

Choose an Independent Jewelry Appraiser

Jewelers: Our members' independence ensures a first-class jewelry appraisal service for your customers and peace of mind for you - none of our members buy, sell or broker jewelry.

Private clients: You can be assured that the appraisal and valuation documentation you will receive will be unbiased, transparent and compiled to the highest standard of integrity.

Insurance Industry and Government Agencies: Impartial, meticulously researched documentation ensures the soundest of foundations.

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